Dairy Queen Customer Care

Dairy Queen LogoDairy Queen Customer care has a good reputation for serving the customers with all the hospitality and services required in the services of the customers.

Dairy Queen customer care is known for making it up to the customers in any kind of distress or inconvenience, you can ask them for real fair solution with any sort of issue with the Dairy Queen menu, technical online issues or any other thing and they will contact the authorities as soon as possible and provide with whatever consumer solutions they can provide.

You can contact the customer care services in one of the following below mentioned details.

Toll-free: 1 866 793 7582 Relating fan relations with the company specialists

Phone number :+1 905 639 1492( Canada ), +1 952 830 0200 ( Internationally established contact )

Call any of these contact details to get in touch with the authorities and getting the issues resolved under direct contact with the company.Dairy Queen

Visit the official website Of Dairy queen Customer care to get in contact with the services present to serve the customers with all the hospitality and care they need.

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  1. I am commenting regarding your DQ store in Nutterfort, WV. I have been wanting to leave complaints for a very long time. I live up the street from this store and is very convenient for me to go, but IAM DONE!! I will drive across town to another ice cream place and will tell others to not go to this store. The employees that they have at this store are the dumbest I’ve ever seen!! They have no brain, and no manners! Tonight was my last time here, i asked for 3 blizzards, with lids. They made 2 and the 2nd had no lid. I asked again for a lid only to get a nasty look, the window slammed in my face and be called a bitch. ( its very easy to read lips thru the window when the idiot is standing right in front of the window, not even smart enough to walk away first). Too bad they font have name tags, but the receipt says cashier 189 Katlynn, but the other girl she was working with is the one that called me the name. This was on 5/25/19. They need to hire some responsible adults.


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