DQFanFeedback (Dairy Queen Fan Feedback) is popular all over the U.S., the survey is all about asking about the quality, quantity and other important structural questions that ask you about the products of Dairy Queen.

When someone completes the fan feedback they get gifted with vouchers and other coupons provided by the DQFanFeedback.

Dairy Queen is one of the oldest dairies that started in Illinois with an ice cream bar of 0.10$ ice cream bar. Shortly after the world war 2, there was a sudden increase in all the restaurants and dairies opening up due to the rise in the paucity, in current date diary queen has over 6000+ restaurants and dairies all over U.S. and Canada.

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Dairy queen with an expert idea of making a survey for all the DQ consumers by providing them with the coupons and products by the end of the DQFanFeedback.com can have an analysis of how the things are working accordingly to the plans or not and can get an idea or rectifications or error resolving that can be done by working on the products for consumer satisfaction.

Enter the Survey Feedback form

DQFanFeedback Rules and Requirements:

These are the requisites and rules to complete the fan feedback.

  • You must be over the legal age of 18 years or above.
  • You must have a basic knowledge of understanding French and English language.
  • Any electronic device with an internet connection should be available with you such as a laptop, Cellphone, Computer or a tablet.
  • DQFanFeedback survey is only available for the citizens of the U.S. ( united states of America )
  • A 19 digit survey code should be available with you from your last visit to any dairy queen restaurant.
CompanyDairy Queen®
RewardsFree Dilly Bar
Coupon Validity30 Days

The following are the notes to be taken under consideration while making the survey.

  • DQFanFeedback.com will only be available online, there will be no such thing as an offline survey.
  • No DQ ( dairy queen ) employee is allowed to take this survey.
  • After completing one dairy queen feedback there will be only one coupon to be redeemed by the dairy queen at one time.

Dairy Queen Feedback

Dairy Queen Fan Feedback survey rewards

The following are one of the rewards that you might be able to redeem after completing the survey.

  1. Dairy Queen Coupon Codes.
  2. Dairy Queen Gift Cards.
  3. Free Dairy Queen Dilly Bar.

One of these rewards might be able to get redeemed after you complete the survey.

Steps on how to fill the DQFanFeedback Survey

Go through these steps and get the survey complete

  • Go to your nearest Dairy Queen store.
  • Buy a Product and get the receipt of the product.
  • Go to the browser and search for Dairy Queen fan feedback or click the button given above.
  • Enter your 10 digits mobile number and date and place which will be printed on the receipt of the purchase of any product of dairy queen.
  • Enter your details such as the house address, income, gender, age and other details asked for.
  • Select what you mainly order from the stores such as the beverages, ice creams, and other snacks.
  • Rate the DQ ( Dairy Queen ) overall consumer satisfaction according to you.
  • Tap on the Next Button to complete the survey filled by you.

Questions you might face in the www.DQFanFeedback.com

Here are the few examples of questions that you might face in the survey and they are as follows:

  • After how long will you visit the store again based on your last visit experience?
  • Based on your experience how often will you recommend Dairy queen to your friends and family?
  • Was the service and food quality according to what you ordered?
  • Is there anything that the staff and Dairy Farm authorities could have done for your experience improvement?
  • Was the dining experience suitable enough for you to dine-in?
  • Are there any additions you would like to make in the Dairy-Queen menu?

DQ customer satisfaction Survey

Terms and conditions required to fill the DQFanFeedback Survey.

The following are the terms by fulfilling what you will be able to take the survey.

  • The purchase of a Dairy Queen product is required.
  • The receipt of the purchase from the dairy queen product is required.

Things to keep in mind while filling out the form.

  • The receipt is only valid for the next three days after the purchase is made from any DQ stores.
  • The Form can only be filled Online and the survey has to be made within three days of purchasing the products from Dairy Queen.
  • The coupon or voucher that is received after the survey is done by the consumers, the coupon stays valid for the next 30 days.

Note: The coupon shall be used within 30 days of completing the survey or it shall not remain valid after the 30 days pass.

The whole purpose of getting the DQFanFeedback Survey done is that by generating these surveys Dairy Queen wants to show their customers that they care about the product services and all the basic requirements of the consumers while also competing for the monopoly for better quality and other necessary details that they have to look after.

You will now receive a Dairy Queen coupon that you will be able to redeem at the nearest Dairy Queen stores with what you will be able to redeem a Free Dilly Bar or something like that.

You can also contact the authorities for proper guidance or some sort of disruption while filling out the form on  1 (866) 793-7582, the DQ headquarters are located in Edina, Minnesota, U.S.

DQFanFeedback has been started taking the survey to secure clients of all age and secure them from even in the future to know consumer satisfaction and taste and ratings according to the products.