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Dairy Queen LogoDQfansurvey code is the code that comes along the bill of the amount of the purchase you made in DQ ( dairy queen ). Since DQ ( dairy queen) started with a survey portal for the customers looking forward to giving back the feedback to how the store and to give out how they liked the quality and the behavior of the staffing and the restaurant environment.

When a customer buys something from the DQ the bill always comes with a survey code that allows you to take the survey. There are generally two codes that you will get they are as below mentioned.

DQfansurvey code ( Dairy queen survey code )

The DQfansurvey code is the one what you get when you purchase something from a DQ ( dairy queen ) store. This code helps you fill the DQfansurvey that will get you to another code that is known as the redemption code.

  • DQfansurvey redemption code

The DQfansurvey redemption code means the code that helps you redeem the rewards that you win from the completion of filling out the survey. You need to show the redemption code at the store to receive rewards from the DQ store.Bill with survey code

Note: The survey code only stays active for 3 days so you have to fill out the survey within 3 days of purchasing from the store and even the redemption code will only stay active for a month after the survey has been filled so don’t miss out the free dilly bar and redeem the code as soon as possible after filling out the survey.

The DQFansurvey code helps you get a free dilly bar do not get confused between the survey code and redemption code. The survey code is the one used to fill the survey and the redemption code is the one that helps fill out the survey and always remember the survey code is always mentioned on amount bill that will be given to you on any purchase of the DQ product.

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